20 educational online business Infographics

I’m back again with my link roundups and this time, I’m here with an awesome list of Infographics about various subjects related to internet marketing, from ways to increase your website’s conversion to copy writing and social media, so let’s get started!


#1: Traditional Marketing Vs Internet Marketing
Traditional Marketing Vs Internet Marketing

Let’s start this post with a great infographic that compares Traditional Marketing Vs Internet Marketing. In this infographic, you’ll see how much each industry is spending and earning and more.


#2: The Science of Social Media Timing
The Science of Social Media Timing

We all know how important social media is to every business. It’s a place where you get new clients and can possible earn millions from it, but do you know what is the best time to post something? Each social media network has it’s own peak time and this is what you’ll learn from this infographic.


#3: Google’s Love and Hate Relationship with Affiliates
Google's Love and Hate Relationship with Affiliates

Google has always been unclear when it comes to it’s Adwords business model. Google ban’s pages with affiliate links to certain affiliate network, but won’t say us what networks. This is the same when it comes to SEO. Google doesn’t tell us what to do to improve our websites, it only tells us what we shouldn’t do.


#4: True Colors
True colors

I’ve talked about psychology of colors in my older link roundups, but this infographic is taking it to the next level. This infographic explains what type of colors people like based on their gender, age and some awesome psychology experiments.

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