3 crazy ways to get traffic from Facebook quickly

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Facebook can be a massive source of income, sales and customers if it’s utilized correctly. Facebook is a place where people are hanging and if you target the right audience, reward are enormous. So let’s see what are some free methods to get traffic from Facebook.

Here are some ways to get traffic from Facebook for free:


#1: Hitting on trending subjects

If you check out Facebook’s trending subjects, you see that there’s always something in there and believe me, no matter how unrelated is that subject to you, you can always connect it to your own niche.

get traffic from facebook

For example in this case, one of the trending subjects of the day was “Muhammad Ali”, so I did a blog post on one of my weight loss sniper sites and explained how Muhammad Ali kept his diet to stay in shape for his tournaments.

After that, I shared the article on Facebook and used hashtags, then Facebook featured the article which resulted in 1700 visitors and $550 in sales.


#2: Facebook comments

I’m not talking about those marketers who spam the living $h!t out of Facebook comments. A helpful Facebook comment with a link to some page can bring thousands of visitors to your website.

The best way to post Facebook comments that is going to help people and bring you traffic is to go to Facebook groups and join discussions related to your own niche. Then if someone is asking a question, you can simply post a good answer with a link to your video on blog post. This way you won’t make anyone mad for spamming and also will get to keep your dignity.

Another place to get traffic to your website from Facebook is leaving comments on popular Facebook pages, answering people’s questions. Again, you need to leave comments on pages related to your own niche and also don’t be that person who spams their page.

Spammers can get banned from Facebook and worst, they can lose their accounts.


#3: Facebook video ads

Facebook video ads has been one of the most effective ways to get traffic to my YouTube videos and blog posts for the past 5 months. Facebook video ads cost almost nothing (usually 1 cent per view) and can bring thousands of targeted visitors to your website or offer if you do it right.

It’s important to create a video that will grab their attention at the beginning and then, start off with your content. This is something that many massive news networks do on Facebook.

They post a video starting with a catchy title, so people won’t scroll down and ignore their video. This catchy title on the video will last for 3 seconds and after that, they start the video.

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