How to advertise your business without wasting your money?

Advertising is a crucial part of any business specially an online business and like other parts of internet marketing; it needs lots of trial and error. I, myself spent lots of money and time on advertising to get it right and by getting it right, I mean getting acceptable results and making back more than I spent. If I cut to the chase, adverting for your business or offer is mostly trial and error, meaning if you are doing it yourself, you need to try a source for a month or a period to see if you get any results. In this post, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience about advertising to save you money as much as possible.  

  • Don’t go add Crazy

If this is first time that you are trying to advertise your offer on a specific source, don’t go crazy on it. Start with low amounts of money and then increase it later, if you see results. For example, if you are doing Facebook advertising on specific keywords, groups or ages, start with less than $30. Or another example is when you are buying advertising on websites. If it’s the first time, make sure to buy advertising by impressions and purchase the lowest option possible. This is a critical mistake that I made and also many people make when they start, because no matter how much a website looks good for placing your ad, you can’t trust it unless you see the result yourself.  

  • Analyze the website or source

Before you place your ad, you must take a second look into that source. For example, if your offer is about an online marketing, this doesn’t mean that every high traffic internet marketing website is your ideal place to buy advertising. I personally had more results from websites with lower traffic. This hasn’t been an accident because it happens every month. Before you purchase the ad, think about that site. What do visitors come to get on that website? Is it likely that visitors are freelancers or they are frequent readers? most importantly, how many adverting banners or links are on there already?

too many adds! how to advertise your business sometimes, too many ads on a website just force people to not pay attention at all.

Put yourself in the shoes of a visitor and decide would you click on your own add or not? Maybe you even need to change your banner or text. coolad  

  • Track everything

Tracking is a critical part of advertising. You must track every single move of your visitors in order to increase profits and conversion rate. You can use Click Meter and Google Analytic to track your visitor’s movements. Tracking helps you to eliminate useless traffic campaigns and saves you money so you can focus on more effective advertising sources.

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