Backlinks from quora: What you need to know

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Ok we all know Quora, it’s one of the most popular Q&A websites and it’s taking over Yahoo! Answers. If you’re an active member of Quora, you know that many people leave their links on Ouora, hopping to get some SEO value out of it, so the question is: do links from Quora have SEO value? lets find out.


No follow links…

All external links on Quora are tagged as nofollow, meaning that they don’t pass any SEO value to the target page but this is not all of it…

In the past 3 years, many people (including me) found out that even nofollow links have some value, if they are at the right place.


Wait, what do you mean by the “right place”

Where your nofollow link is placed on a website makes a massive difference. If it’s in the comment or sidebar section, it probably won’t pass any SEO value but…

if it’s in the content and it’s getting traffic, it will pass great SEO juice to your page, so it’s very important to think about where you want to share your links on Quora.


How to get good backlinks from Quora

As I explained, good backlinks are the ones that are in content and pass traffic from that page to your page, so this means wherever or however you want to share your link on Quora, you should make sure that people will click on it and visit your website.

For example, you can answer questions and ask people to visit your blog or website for more information. This way you provide value and at the same time, you’ll bring new visitors to your site.

Quora doesn’t kick people out for being spammy (I think it’s because it’s at first stages) but Quoura is full of people and people aren’t stupid! This means that if you’re being spammy and useless, people will notice and won’t even bother yo read your answer. Here’s an example of a good and valuable answer with affiliate links.

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