Biggest mistake after making your first commission as an affiliate marketer

Your first commissions online will be your most exciting commissions. You finally cracked the code and found a way to finally make money online… but that doesn’t mean you’ll make more commission in future.

Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is all about the long game. You must have a long term plan. A plan to make build a business that’s going to make you money for years to come, not just for a short time.

That’s why it’s important to determine your real goal in the first place before learning anything about this business. One of the mistakes that I’ve made many times and it has damaged my business many times when I started was saving the money I’ve made from my business instead of investing it back on my business to grow it to a bigger business.

Watch the video below you learn more about this very important phase of your business:

It’s exciting to get back what you’ve worked on for a long time and it’s even more exciting when it’s coming from internet, but you won’t be making more of that if you keep putting them back into your pocket.


Affiliate marketing basics:

  1. Beginnings will be slow and hard. You must learn to be patient and smart with your time and money.
  2. It’s a real business, meaning that you have to invest a considerable amount of time and money on it.
  3. Invest back your earnings at the beginning. Your goal should be to grow the business.
  4. Don’t spend too much time on tasks that you can’t do. Learn to outsource any work you can.


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