Clickbank for Beginners Part 3

By | Affiliate Marketing

It’s finally the time to earn your first commission online! In the first part of this free training series, I opened up some important basics of Clickbank, then on second part I revealed my top traffic sources to help you to get leads and sales.

Now it’s time to learn what you need to do AFTER you earn your first commission online. This is the most important step of your clickbank video and if you forget that, you can end up losing thousands of dollars in sales, potential leads, and clients. Here’s the video for you to watch:

In this video, mainly I’m going to teach you important actions that you must take after making your first commission on clickbank.

I’m going to teach you to track your visitors and sales so you’ll be able to quantify your traffic and sales to make it easier optimize your campaigns in future.

Then I’ll explain a little bit about funnels, why it’s important to have a funnel and how to actually build a funnel that is going to work for YOU.

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