How Fast Can You Make Money Online On Clickbank?

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“How Fast” is a question that I get on daily basis, and the answer to that depends on you! I’ve had students who made their first Clickbank commission in less than a week and I’ve had students who never made any money.

To answer to that question, you have to understand these:

1. Do you have a “system” to follow for every product you want to promote?

This is an absolute must and if you don’t have it, you can end up trying a dozen different methods at the same time and don’t get any results. So it’s important to have a system in place.

2. Clickbank is not fast money!

If you understand this, you will have a chance to see success with Clickbank or any other affiliate program. It’s important to be realistic when it comes to starting a business and Clickbank is no different.

3. Do you have a coach?

I personally believe that having a coach will change everything for you because you won’t have to go on Google, spend hours or even days to find the answer to a simple question. Having a mentor was a turning point in my business and I know it will be the same for you.

4. Learn and copy from experts!

Another turning point in my business was when i started modeling experts and successful marketers to the T! This changed everything for me because suddenly I positioned myself in a place where all experts were and I started to gain followers, fans and more sales.

2 Responses to " How Fast Can You Make Money Online On Clickbank? "

  1. thank you Sean for this post

  2. Anton Firdaus says:

    Hi, Sean I am a beginner in Online Business. I am from Indonesia. I really want to learn more about it. Would you please describe what is the mean of ‘A SYSTEM’ in other to promote any product.
    I watching your videos that make me encourage to start this business.
    Thanks in advanced
    Anton Firdaus

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