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Over the past 3 years, I’ve posted countless videos on my YouTube channel about Google Sniper for one simple reason: it’s the best way to learn internet marketing for newbies and until today, I still use it’s methods to make money online.

Recently I posted my latest Google Sniper video on YouTube, and then it go me thinking about why I have so many Google Sniper videos on my channel and how it might be confusing to many people.

So I decided to list all of my Google Sniper videos at one place in this post:

This one was posted yesterday, I did a short review of Google sniper and then coached a new member:


This one was posted in April, a full review with my google sniper results:


This one was posted on January, when I was coaching 3 new students:


This one was posted on 2015, back then I was going to add this an extra info for a new blog post:


This one was posted about a year ago, when I was presenting my $2,000 google sniper bonus:


This one was posted when I was getting my special Google sniper bonus ready. I was trying to keep my subscribers updated on the process:


This is my most popular Google Sniper review ever, which has almost 30k views on YouTube!


and this is my first Google Sniper review ever!

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