Is is too late to start building an email list?

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List building is one of the most important tasks in any online business from Internet marketing and education to ecom and even your local store. If there’s a business, it has to has an online presence and the best way to keep your online presence is to build a list of your clients or possible clients so you can reach out to them when needed.

Pretty much everyone is building a list right now so the question to ask is: is is too late to start building a list?

Many marketers are afraid that if they build a list, their subscribers probably will be in other marketer’s list too. While this is true, the best way to out smart your fellow marketers is to be different and better.

Watch this video of me explaining why it’s not too late to start building a list:

So while it’s not too late to start building a list, you need to focus one more than just that. Another great place to gather a good following and has worked for me far better than an email list is social media. I’ve had a very good success on Facebook and planning to ramp up my Twitter account.

I’ve mentioned a very interesting point about running a business before. Something that has caused million dollar business to fail in less than 24 hours.

That’s the “number 1”. One is one of the most dangerous numbers in every business. One traffic source is always dangerous for your online business, meaning that if you’ve got an email list and that’s all you’ve got, your business is in a grave danger.

so to close this article, it’s not late to build an email list, but it’s important to also focus on other possible traffic sources for your business.

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