Make money online 2016 – How a newbie made $1,650 in one sale

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Mia recently decided to take action and start her own online business by promoting high ticket products. Using my 1-on-1 coaching program (comes free when you decide to partner up with me), she was able to earn her first $1,650 in less than a week.

Of course, Mia’s case is not a usual one, but making a big commission like this in a week shows the potential of a high ticket affiliate program and why you should be in one, instead of low ticket affiliate programs like clickbank, where you earn small commissions.

What’s your goal?

Imagine that your goal is to make $10,000 a month online. You have 2 options to achieve that. Option 1 is to promote low ticket products on Clickbank and earn small commissions. At the rate of $25 per sale on average on Clickbank, you’ll need 400 sales to reach your goal, that’s if you don’t consider refunds that you’ll have on clickbank, due to low quality of some products.

Now imagine you’re earning at least $1,000 per sale. How many sales you’ll need to reach your 10k a month goal? The answer is 10 and that’s why high ticket affiliate programs can take you to the next level, even if you have no online business experience at all.

It’s cool to make big money, but it’s going to be hard to sell these products, isn’t it?

First of all, let me tell you something about high ticket affiliate programs. When you join one, you should forget everything you’ve learned from clickbank. High ticket affiliates will focus on a very different audience and have very different sales funnels.

The high ticket program that I currently promote has a sales phone team, meaning that they will make the sell for me and I’ll get the commission without getting involved even a little bit.

Final words

Focusing on a high ticket affiliate program will help you to stay on the top of the game, make the most out of every client you get and have a coach and sales phone team working for you and making you commissions. (Click here to partner up with me)

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    Thank you Sean, amazing post! How can I get started with this?

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