The Most Dangerous Number In Any Business

Imagine you have a great business that is giving you lots of money back in profit every month, everything is going great and suddenly a small change on a platform or an advertiser site, then your highly profitable business goes from hero to zero in a matter of hours.

In this post, I’m going to talk about the most dangerous number in any business, the number 1. This number destroys lives and businesses overnight and if you’re making mistakes I’m about to reveal, it can destroy yours too.

Let me tell you my story with this dangerous number. Back in 2013, my affiliate marketing business was about to pick up, everything was improving and I was actually making some good money after months of hard work, then suddenly a new Google algorithm destroyed my business. I went from $200 a day to $0, overnight.

Although what Google did mess up my business, it was mainly my own fault, why? Because Google search was my only traffic source. If I had more than one traffic source for my offers, Google’s new changes wouldn’t hurt my business that much and I still had some time to figure things out.

As you see, one traffic source, one offer or one business strategy can be extremely dangerous to your business. Watch this video from my YouTube channel:

Growing your business is not just about making more money, it’s also about growing it in a way that unexpected events like this won’t be able to damage it critically and that’s why you should stay away from the most dangerous number in any business, number 1.

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