Udimi solo ads network review and results after 6 weeks

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udimi review

I buy solo ads almost every day. Solo Ads are the best way to send targeted traffic to an offer and build a list. You can buy solo ads from many places but recently a new solo network called “Udimi” launched which made things very easier.

If you don’t have time to read the article, you can watch my Udimi Review video here:

First, What are Solo Ads?

From LarryNunnMarketing:

Solo Ads are a type of email marketing that one can purchase from a person with a email list. The person who has built a email list of any type of category of people such as make money online can provide a service by sending to their list your advertisement. The seller usually charges a small fee per click that they provide to your offer or capture page.

Udimi Network:

udimi reviewUdimi is making things easier by allowing you to track incoming clicks, traffic and conversion from every solo ad you order. You can browse different solo ad providers, their ratings and results from other customers to choose the best ones. All reviews by other buyers are legit and real.

My experience with Udimi:

I ordered around $350 worth of solo ads on Udimi and got only one $44 MTTB sale. First of all let me point out that this was totally my fault because I did not read other buyers reviews when I was ordering solo ads on Udimi. I suggest you to read other buyers reviews and only order from people who are delivering buyers.

Udimi review

Green dollar signs mean buyer got sales from this order. If you want to order solo ads from Udimi, make sure to order from people who have reviews with green dollar signs!

Your control panel:

Uidimi’s back-end is pretty self explanatory and doesn’t need any explanation. You get a full glance of your account on “My page”, you can see your solo ads orders on “Solos” page, you can see your latest transactions on “Money” page, communicate with buyers and sellers from “Messages” page, create and edit your swipes on “Swipes” page and change your settings on “Setting” page. Watch this short video to see Udimi’s backend:

How to you pay for solo ads on Udimi?

You can pay for solo ads on udimi using PayPal. Your money will be transferred to your udimi account and you can use it any time or simply withdraw it back to your PayPal account.

Click here to visit Udimi

12 Responses to " Udimi solo ads network review and results after 6 weeks "

  1. Donly says:

    Sean Bagheri do you can to help me what need to promote in Udimi I can to buy traffic to my direct hop link or not. thanks

  2. Edvin says:

    I recommend Udimi, and like you say in the review it’s good to read what people say about the sellers as I’ve experienced it to be true most of the time. I’ve bought a lot of traffic on Udimi and I’ve also learned that you have to find the sellers that work best for you, might take a few solos to figure that out.

  3. I still love udimi and i am promoting udimi affiliate program and it is really good.
    Thanks for your post.

  4. kurt walker says:

    I’ve tried SO MANY different buyers and I’ve received ZERO SALES and on ok opt in rate. Sorry, I can’t give this service my recommendation. You’ll just spend more money than get back in sales.

  5. Lee Stott says:

    I asked them for a refund as I had not used them for a while, mainly because the results were so bad. They told me that after 30 days your money is taken by them and they will not give it back. they will allow you to use it as credit to buy more solos but if you don’t want to then it’s their money. After doing it for a while you realize that all the clicks are just being circulated from seller to seller, rarely any new emails.

  6. Ramsay says:

    Great review. Doing my due diligence and this helps. It really looks legit

  7. Anthony Nicholson says:

    Thanks for the review. I’m going to sign up.

  8. Tyronne Ratcliff says:

    Awesome tutorial Sean…Udimi is the only place I go to get affordable clicks for my offers.

    Plus they have a pretty lucrative affiliate program as well.

    Have a good one!


  9. Kay says:

    Hey I just joined udimi after reading your Udimi review. Great network to buy solo ads and get new fresh subscribers to your list. Thank you Sean

  10. Brandon says:

    Great Udimi review, absolutely useful. Also thanks for showing the members area that was very helpful. again, thanks for this awesome Udimi review.

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