Video Traffic Academy Review after 2 weeks of buying it with bonus

Video Traffic Academy Review

Is Video Traffic Academy for you?


Is Video Traffic Academy for you?Video Marketing is a much more difficult type of marketing, a lot different, difficult but at the same time much more effective than the typical blogging. Best way to learn video marketing is to buy a high quality course from someone who has been doing it and is famous for it but most importantly, teaches you EVERYTHING about video marketing.

Most of Video Marketing courses focus on SEO and rankings of your videos and some other courses focus too much on content creation. In both cases, you’ll be left with lots of unanswered questions about video marketing.

It has been a while since a good video marketing course has been released. A course that helps marketers leverage video for traffic and sales. It has been a big bubble in the marketplace for some time.

I’m not talking about courses that teach you how to create cool videos, or courses to help you maximize or get more traffic with video, I’m talking about a course that offers both.

In this short article you’ll learn about one of the most amazing video marketing courses on internet which is called “Video Traffic Academy“, you’ll learn who is behind it, what’s inside, what you’ll learn inside this course, my results with video traffic academy and then you’ll be able to get a $7,000 video traffic academy bonus.


Video Traffic Academy 2016 update

Here is a video of Video Traffic academy members area. You can watch my fill video traffic academy review in this video if you don’t want to read the entire article:

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People behind Video Traffic Academy:

Video Traffic Academy Review

Two people behind Video Traffic Academy are Lewis Howes and James Wedmore. I’ve known James about 2 years from his YouTube channel and had a phone conversion with him about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t met Lewis Howes or talked to him but everything I’ve seen and heard about them has been positive and no one is complaining about their business ethics. See them on camera at the
Video Traffic Academy site.


What’s inside Video Traffic Academy?

Inside Video Traffic Academy members areaVideo Traffic Academy is designed to help online marketers and entrepreneurs understand and use the power of video and YouTube in their business. This course has 4 main modules:


1. YouTube Channel Optimization

This module will teach you to optimize your YouTube channel for maximum rankings and makes sure you’re channel is ready for next step.

2. Video Creation

This module will take you through different methods that you can use to create great videos for your business based on your personal preferences. This section is not just about creating videos, but it’s about creating videos that your audience will love, enjoy and engage and elements each video must have to become a profitable video for your business.

3. Video Optimization

This module is the most important module of Video Traffic Academy. In this module James Wedmore will show you what needs to be done step by step to optimize your video for maximum rankings and performance on Google and YouTube. From step by step on editing videos, rendering to optimizing on YouTube, and more.

4. After Upload Video Optimization

After upload optimization is another SEO step to ensure your video’s rankings. This advanced section on Video Traffic Academy will show you different methods of generating backlinks for your videos, getting subscribers, likes and more views for your videos to increase sales and rankings.


How can it help you?

Video can supercharge any kind of business, from online related business to local businesses, because people prefer to “watch” something instead of reading it. Video Traffic Academy will ensure your success in video marketing by showing you the latest methods and tricks of video marketing and at the same time, it teaches you to create awesome videos to keep your viewers on the video and convert them to customers. (Get your copy of video traffic academy)


How much Video Traffic Academy costs?

Let’s talk money! There are 2 different types of prices for Video Traffic Academy. The investment you need to make & the amount of money this course ACTUALLY WORTH. The course costs $97 but I’ve seen similar courses, with even less great stuff for over $2,000!

At $97 (one-time payment), this course is an absolute steal! beside that, the course comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it, you can easily refund it and get your money back in 1 day.

Video Traffic Academy costs $97 (one-time payment)

I made over $5,000 from a single video!

Video Traffic Academy resultsI recently uploaded a video on my YouTube channel about a case study on my popular Google Sniper review video. In that video I explained how a single video made me over $5,000 in commissions because I took video traffic academy course.


Final thoughts…

I strongly suggest you to get a copy of video traffic academy and start using video in your business.

This is my promise to you: I can guarantee you’ll make a commission online in 2 weeks if you join Video Traffic Academy and start doing video marketing.

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